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[Updated 17th Nov., 2022-Notation Editor; 16th Oct., 2022-Notation Player-added semicolon for 2 note duration; 21st Sep.,2021 added Physics and Music module]
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This web site is all about CARNATIC MUSIC (South Indian Classical Music) - theory and practice and with audio-visuals (audio with gamakam where required). You can view the different modules by clicking the links (which briefly mentions the contents) below. You need Chrome, Firefox or Micosoft Edge browsers (or Safari for Mac.) for viewing and hearing audio. Will also work with Android browsers. If you had opened this page in Internet Explorer, right click on the link and select open with Edge/Chrome/Firefox.

Alternatively you can also use the Windows based free software which has similar content but somewhat more programs and more facilities in some programs. For information and downloading the free Windows software click here.

  • Basic Theory: Basics of Carnatic Music system with appropriate audio-visuals. Essential features of Carnatic Music, Raaga system, Classificication into 72 Melams-get notes from Melam number and vice versa with audio, concepts of Janya, Janaka, Gamakams. Access to glossary. The first page of this set of pages is Access other pages (20 in all) sequentially or jump to a page from the drop down contents list.

  • Raagam module: 75 Raagams-Aarohanam-Avarohanam, detailed textual descriptions with emphasis on gamakam, Audio visuals of Aarohanam-Avarohanam on a Keyboard and Veena Frets sketch with audio, typical phrases of the Raagam with audio (with natural gamakams), and short list of compositions. The link is Choose the Raagam from a drop down list. Choice of Veena or Flute for audio in different sruthis. Backgrownd Thamboora.

  • Thaalam module: The rhythm system - definitions of 35 thaalams, chaapu thaalams, jaathi, etc. How compositions are fitted into the thaalam structure. The first page of this set of pages is

  • 'Thalameter': Thaalam generator for all the 35 thaalams and the 2 Chaapu thaalams with adjustable tempo (with 2 kalai choice) and hand gesture animation. The link is a href=

  • Carnatic Notation Plyayer: To play 'S R G M..' type of notation with symbols for octaves, higher kaalam notes, choice of Melam, Sruthi and instrument (Veena or Flute). (Similar to Gaayaka of Windows program but does not have thaalam sound facility). Link: For Phones/Tablets use

  • Physics of Music: A rudimentary introduction to the subject using Carnaic Music symbols and some illustrative audio (under development). The link is:

  • Sruthis:Synthetic Thamboora Sruthis are available here . It has sruthis from lower octave of 7 kattai (popularly known as 3/4 kattai) to 7 kattai (B) l>

  • See sitemap to download zip files for offline use of the above
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