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Carnatic Music Software RasikaV21(working in all versions of Windows up to 10) has seen 5 versions. It is a package consisting of many programs. The audio though synthetic, is realistic with required Gamakams(nuances) essential for Carnatic Music.

  • Rasika is like a book on the theory of Carnatic Music with audio visuals and interactive screens. It has 5 modules:
    • Introductory - Basics of the Carnatic Music system - Concept of Raagam, Janya, Janaka etc.
    • Melam - The system of 72 scales into which the Raagams are fitted.
    • Ragam - Raagam is the basis the Carnatic melody. This module explains 111 Raagams with, text and audio of Aarohanam-Avarohanam (with anmiated visuals on a keyboard sketch) and audio and notation of Typical Phrases
    • Thaalam - The rhythm system - definitions of 35 thaalams, chaapu thaalams, jaathi,gathi etc. How compositions are fitted into the thaalam structure. It ha also a Thaalam Generator for practice which has thaalam kriya animation also.
    • Physics of Music - Elementary concepts of sound and frequency. Calculation of frequencies by cyles of fifths and fourths etc.
      Rasika - Details with screen shots and sample audio
  • Gaayaka enables you to enter notation in the Carnatic Music 'sa ri ga ma..' style and play it in the tones of Veena or Flute with different tonic pitches and tempos.
    Gaayaka - Details with screen shots and sample audio

  • Sishya is for learning lessons. Lessons are available for Swaravali, Geethams & Varnams, the first two having versions with and without 'gamakam'. Sishya Details with screen shot

  • Novice step by step guide for the beginner for using Sishya. Novice Screen shot

  • Student's music player is specially designed for learning recorded songs(.wav or .mp3). You can select a part of a clip for repeated playing, mark more than one block and save them. Music Players Details with screen shots

  • Thamboora and Sruthi box using which you can generate the drones on the computer. Details with screen shots

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