This page deals with Windows based Rasika. Now the software is available as web pages also accessible through browsers in any OS. If you have reacched this page direct by search click here to go to the new Home page from where you can access the HTML5 based Rasika-Gaayaka as well as the Windows version and many more.

RASIKA Version 2.0

The Software for appreciating Carnatic Music

Rasika, one of the programs in RasikaV2 package is like a book on Carnatic Music, which also sings to you. Enhance your appreciation of Carnatic Music with Rasika which produces synthetic music in Veena and Flute tones with all the nuances (gamakams) required for Carnatic Music. Here is a sample of music in Surati Raagam and another sample in Suddhadhanyasi.

  • Concepts clearly explained and grouped into 5 modules . Cogent narrative with suitable audio or audio-visuals where required.
  • Rich audio visuals to grasp the intricacies of the Carnatic Music System.
  • Highly interactive - 3 quizzes for testing note / melam /raagam recognition
  • Choice of Veena or Flute in 10 different Sruthis in the audio-visuals of Raagam Module (which explains 111 raagams in detail and 80 raagams in terms of Aarohanam and Avarohanam with audio-visuals)
  • Tips to distinguish allied raagams
  • Convert your PC into a Sruthi Box or Thamboora - Wide range of Sruthis (with fine adjustment in the case of Sruthi Box) and easy to set up
  • Convert your PC into a Thaalam Generator - 35+2 Thaalams 1 or 2 kalai or thisram
  • Add echo with controllable parameters to enhance the tonal quality.
  • A Glossary for technical terms of Carnatic Music.
  • Common Index to all the modules.
  • Authored by a musician cum programmer!  

Below is a sample of graphic from the Melam module explaining how Melams (scales) are formed and the math behind it. By clicking the 'Audio-Visual' button you can open a new window giving you audio visuals for the melam illustrated on Veena and Keyboard sketches.

Here is a sample screen from the Raagam Module

On the raagam page of the software (sample below) by clicking on 'Play' button above the keyboard picture, the arohanam and avarohanam of the raagam are played with the notes appearing on the corresponding keys. (The animation is shown below without audio but in the software there is audio with a choice of Flute or Veena). Similarly by clicking on the 'Play' button above the secnond window in the software the typical phrases of the raagam listed in the window are played with the currently playing phrase shown in a different color.

Click here for a You Tube video of the Kaanada Screen with synchronized audio
Click here for a You Tube video of the Amrithavaeshini Screen with synchronized audio

Click for details of how to download thes software.

    RASIKA is organised in 5 modules

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