Comments from users of Rasika Software package

I have been receiving comments from users of Rasika software. These were unsolicited and spontaneous. I had avoided putting them up in the website so long. I think it will only be fair if prospective users of the software see them. The comments are given below. The names of the users are not given to save privacey but the countries are shown. The comments relating to the current version (RasikaV2) are availale in the form of emails in my webmail accounts.

Comments on RasikaV2 (current version)

"..rasikav2 is working well.
i am truly delighted and wondered how you could accomplish this very complicated and wonderful job. it is really a boon to music lovers/practioners. it is just like having a guru available round the clock?(ATG = all time guru)" (user in India)

"I just installed the software and am playing with it. Looks to be a great tool !!!! Thanks once again" (user in India)

" It is fantastic. Thanks so much for making this. But please tell me you are making a version for Mac. Would be thrilled to be able to use this software are get more swara shuddhi and raga gyanam. It's are great tool to perfect my veena playing too. Congratulations again, this is great service to all students of Carnatic Music." (Comments after seeing the software in a friend's PC)

"This is a nice program. Good contribution to Carnatic music." (user in India)

"It seems to contain a treasure of Carnatic Music knowledge. I am sure I will enjoy using it and learn a lot from it. Thank you for making this software available."

"Your software is amazing. You have done a great job. Thanks a lot."(user in India)

"i got the software and it is simply great! It will atract more music lovers!.. Thank you." (user in India)

"The design of the program is impressive. It is nice to see a tutorial format from which you can click on links and get multimedia explanations." (user in India)

"Thank you! I have installed it and its working perfectly. Great utility!!! "(user in India)

"I know Rasika is a very comprehensive software...." (user in USA)

"I installed the Rasika Package and everything has gone well with the installation and I am starting to use the programs. It is a very impressive carnatic music learning software and I look forward to improving my knowledge with the software. Hats off to you for developing this software package." (user in USA)

"I installed the software just now, and it's amazing. I'll be asking you questions as I explore the software in the coming days. "(user in USA)

"..thanks so much for developing such nice programs. I can't thank you enough for each of those modules. I did think of some small improvements, which may already be on the way. I will let you know in my next email. I enjoyed using composer with gamakas for some of my hindustani bookish notations. it sounded sooooo good with Veena1." (user in USA)

"I am discovering the software stage by stage. My immediate need is to do voice culturing and voice exercises using the basic 12 notes. The Sishya module + Tambura is brilliantly suited for that. In fact I have started my pranavam exercises this morning. Eternally thankful to you for making this possible." (user in Singapore)

"hello sir, thank you for sending software,you r doing wonderful job for the next generation who learn carnatic music,i appreciate you,god bless you sir." (user in USA)

"The new modules are a wonderful addition." (user in India)

"Thanks for such a wonderful software." (user in USA)

"I had a chance to look at the CD player in the Sishya module. It took less than five minutes for me to get a hang of how to use the system. It is definitely very useful to learn krithis. " (user in USA)

"I am amazed at the amount detail and painstaking work that has been done by you to develop this marvellous program. I congratuale you and wish you all the best in further successful developments." (user in UK)

"It is mind boggling! It's a great piece of work and I appreciate your knowledge and sincerity. I will definitely be using the tool on a daily basis.." (user in India)

"I'm very thankful to you for getting my daughter a very useful software which will definitely improve her musical talents....i'm sure that this software will definitely [be] a boon for all young talents.... thtnk you sir thank you very much....." (user in India)

Comments on version 1 (upto 1.5)

"You have done a great job for Carnatic music. Hope u you will be able to bring it to further heights."(user in Mumbai)

"Everything works perfectly and I am really delighted by the result. They are such great learning tools. With my best wishes and thanks."(user in France).

"I feel that you have a wonderful software and needs exposure" (user in USA)

"I am an afficianado of your musical software. I use it a lot to understand the structure of Carnatic Ragas" (user in Canada)

"i am not a musician but an avid lover of carnatic music. this package will help me study the science of music. it is like a gift from heavens" (user in middle east)

"i called you to congratulate you on your efforts in producing this remarkable software..." (user in USA )

"I was very impressed with your Rasika Gaayaka software for karnatic music". (from Bangalore)

"I would like to thank you for the priceless music software you have given to me." (user near Chennai)

"It is indeed a brilliant tool both for learning and composition " (user in UK)

"The programme seems interesting- but it is going to take lot of getting used to. I shall keep in touch & come back, if there is any problem. Congratulations on a good effort." (user in Hyderabad)
(Yes - Gaayaka requires some efforts for using for original compositions. For that mattet Carnatic music itself requires lots of efforts to understand and sing !)

"Awesome!! Thank you so much. I am out of words. I have heard the kIrthanam before. I hope I can meet you some day and discuss Carnatic music with you."
(this comment is from a user in USA who requested gaayaka notation for a krithi in Revathi. This song has since been included in the 'More Notation Files' page)

"Hello, I have been enjoying your program.... great piece of work! Very clear and concise explanations." (a user in USA)

"Rasika module is very informative and well organized. The examples are really useful. I have started using Gaayaka module" (user in UK)

"I am amazed at the amount of information you have provided. With a few symbols you have given the flexibility to create complex gamakams. I am sure to improve my knowledge of raagams by going over the notes and listening to the phrases. In my opinion the software is worth far more than the price you have set." (user in Canada)

"I must tell you that I am more than impressed" (user in USA)

"I especially like listening to the phrases associated with each ragam. I think i'm going to learn a lot by the time i finish exploring your software." (user in Hyderabad)

"I received the software and I would just like to say it is very interesting." (user in USA)

"While the flute sound is perfect, the veena sound is not very close the actual instrument's sound. I guess you can only do that much with electronic sounds. Overall the software is VERY IMPRESSIVE and, DEFINITELY VERY USEFUL. Thank you very very much for developing it." (user in Singapore)
(The veena tone has been improved in the 3rd version and later - the quality is also dependent on the sound card and the amplifier)

"..we are able to learn the basics and appreciate the nuances of carnatic music. The features available are so helpful"(user in USA)

"I bought Gayaka a while ago.... I love your software. Helps me a lot..." (user in USA)