Carnatic Music with HTML 5 Audio

HTML5 Carnatic Music

Rasika software works only with Windows OS. I am in the process of exploring the use of HTML5 Audio capabilities and Javascript to provide some of Rasika as web pages. Use with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome or Edge (Windows 10). Pages using Windows Audio API will not work with Internet Explorer

The Introductory and Melam modules of Rasika have been combined and the first page of the series is at http://carnatic2000.tripod.comJSA/intro1.htm. Other pages can be accessed from the first page. Each page contains a link for contents of all pages and a link for glossary. They will work OK in PC's Laptops and most Tablets and Smart phones. In the case of tablets and smart phones audio may take some time to start.

For offline use, download, unzip (extract) all files into one folder and start with intro1.htm by double clicking. If your default browser is Internet Explorer, right click on the file and use 'Open with' in the pop up menu to open it in Chrome or Firefox

You can also download , unzip the contents into a single folder and start with intro1.htm. As the web pages in this zip file use .mp3 files they will work in Internet Explorer also. Please read the 'Readme.txt' file included in the zip file.

The Raagam module of Rasika gives textual descriptions of 111 raagams with audio-visuals of Aarohanam/Avarohanam illustrated on keyboard type of sketch and audio of typical phrases with notation. Of these, 55 raagams are now made available here as web pages, with the added feature of showing Arohanam/Avarohanam notes on a Veena type sketch in addition to Keyboard sketch when the audio plays. (More raagams will be added in due course). Click this link to access the page which has a menu for individual raagams. These pages use WebAudioAPI and will work with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome but not with Internet Explorer. Will work with Edge browser in Windows10. Also works in most tablets and smart phones if Firefox, Chrome or Android browser is used. For off-line use download extract all the files into a single folder and open 'ragas.htm'.

The Thaalam module of Rasika is available as web pages. The first page is tal0.htm. From this page you can go to other pages sequentieally or using the contents. The pages work well with PC/Laptop/Tablets but there may be latency with smartphones. Sometimes after the thaalam runs one round the latency may disappear.

Thalam Generator (for Firefox, Chrome and Edge and may work with other browsers latest versions which support WebAudioApi) for generating visual and audio for all the 35 'sooladhi thaalams',khanda chapu and misra chapu thaalams, Aadhi and modern version of Rupakam. For offline download and use Extract the files to a single folder and open talameter.htm in Firefox or Chrome. This also may not work OK with older smartphones.

If the above does not work in your browser try tal.htm and for Offline use.

Gaayaka-Carnatic Notation Player is available at as a web page. It uses the present more popular 'S R G M...' format and has most of the facilities of Windows based Gaayaka. Read the help file for full instructions.