To get RasikaV21 package

So far I have been giving the software free requesting the users to donate to some charitable institution.

Now the next version RasikaV21 is available for downloading freely. This version has no OCX files and the programs can be run without installation by copying to a folder in the PC. Also Gaayaka has additional controls for exchanging alternative notations created by AddGamakam program. The Student's Music Player now handles Variable Bit Rate (VBR) mp3 files better. Minor improvements have been made in other programs. For the present no set up program has been written. You can download the zip file containing all the programs and suporting files. This is a free version and there are no guarantees.

The software works only with Windows OS (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows10). There are no Linux, Mac or Android versions. Also it may not work with Windows emulations like WINE or Mac Parallels or in other virtual environments.

Download by right clicking on the link and saving the file in your PC. Open Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder where you have saved the file and double click on the file name RGS213FR0_Cp2(.zip). If you are not using any separate zip program the zip folder will open and you will see 'Extract All files' on top left below the menu line. Click this. The new window 'Select a Destination and Extract files' will show a default folder which will be a sub folder under the folder where you have saved the zip file. This will not be convenient. You may like to save the programs in another drive. Type the destination giving full path. I suggest the name 'RasikaV21' for the new folder to save the files but you can choose any other name. If you want to save the files in C: drive then type C:\RasikaV21. To save in D: drive type D:\RasikaV21 and click 'Extract' at bottom right. The folder will be created and the files will be extracted along with sub-folders in the zip file. That is all.

[If you are using a separate zip program for handling zip files, then follow your usual procedure to extract the files, but ensure that the sub-directories in the zip file are also copied as sub-directories in the RasikaV21 folder with the same contents]

You can run the programs now by double clicking on the program names in Windows Explorer or by typing 'Run' in 'Start', browsing to the RasikaV21 folder and choosing the program . IMPORTANT: If you are using Windows Vista,Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, it is better to run each program once as 'Administrator' to avoid getting errors. . To run as Administrator, right cllick on the program name in Windows Explorer and click 'Run as Administrator' in the pop up menu and accept the warning that it is an unknown program.

The programs and corresponding files are given below:

Rasika - Rasika7(.exe)
Gaayaka - gka7(.exe)
Sishya - sishya2(.exe)
Student's Music Player - WavAudio3(.exe)**
Student's CD Player - CdAudio2(.exe)
Novice - novice2(.exe)
Thambuura - Tamb7(.exe)
SruthiBox - SrBox7(.exe)
Gka7Open* - Gka&Open(.exe)*

*By opening Gka7Open(.exe) you get a screen from where you can ascess all programs except Rasika. You can make a short cut to it on your Desktop.
**There is also a file WavAudio2.exe which is an earlier version but does not handle .mp3 files with Variable Bit Rate (VBR) correctly. WavAudio3.exe may load some files more slowly. If you have problem with WavAudio3.exe use WavAudio2.exe

The programs can be recognised by Thamboora like icon for all except Sruthi Box which has a Sruthi Box like icon.

You can create short cuts on the Desktop, by right clickiing on the file name and clicking 'Send to > Desktop (create short cut)'. You can create short cuts in the Start Menu by right clicking on the file name and clicking 'Pin to Start Menu'

Help Files: If you had downloaded the files recently you may find that the help file accessed from the 'Help' menus of the different programs show 'Navigation to the web page cancelled'. The help files are in .chm format and the trend is to block them as potentially harmful. To get around this problem, go to the folder where you have extracted the Rasika package files from the zip file. Look for files with extension .chm or type described as 'Compiled HTML Help file'. If extension is not seen, the files can be identified by the Icon which has a yellow question mark picture. There are 7 such files. Right click on each, select 'Properties' from the pop up menu. In the properties window on the right bottom you have a button 'unblock'. Click this and click OK. You will now be able to see the help files when accessed from the program. The files have been individually checked with anativirus software

If there is a problem in downloading the zip file from the above link you can try this link . If you have any problem in following the procedure of extracting fles and creating short cuts please write to me. However, the procedure mentioned above is not difficult at all and try it first.

Uninstalling- As no installation program was used, there is no unistallation procedure. If you do not want to keep Rasika, you can delete all the subfolders under the Rasika folder. Do not delete the Rasika folder itself as it contains .dll files which may have been self registered. You can delete all files other than files with extension .dll (DLL files). Leave the Rasika folder and the .dll files which will occupy less than 1 Mb space.

Please send your comments or information on bugs noticed to or

Also See where I have mentioned about my efforts to write a program to generate appropriate gamakam automatically based on the raagam characteristic. The program and gamakam definition files for 16 raagams are now avalable for free download at which has necessary instructions. The file mentioned there for downloading ( meant for users not having Rasika. Since you will be 'installing' Rasika as suggested above download and extract the files in the same folder in which you have installed Rasika. Read AddGamakamHelp.pdf and run AddGamakam.exe and try some plain notation files for automatic insertion of gamakams.