Carnatic Music Notation Editor

(Under development - updated 23rd Aug., 2023)

Though there are many web sites offering online type setting facility for Carnati Music Notation (and with multilingual support and good layout), I have made a small application using 'SWARAM.TTF' a font developed by Sri Mohan Ayyar of Sidney which has built in dots for upper and lower octaves and which he has kindly permitted me to use. In the applicaion developed here the font need not be installed in your computer.

The application enables entry of notation, check of note numbers taking into account higher kaalams, and saving the notation as .pdf file or directly printing. Up to 2 higher kalams can be marked with lines above the notes. Both types of notation (Capital letters for the notes S, R, G etc. or Capital and Lower case notes 'S r g M') are possible. Two types of lay outs - Box type or Separators type are available. By clicking required button the notation is split for each Angam (sub-division) of Thaalam according to the note durations required. In separators mode the separators (|, ||) are inserted to mark the Angams and in Box mode the are fitted intot the boxes

Click HERE to open the editor. The help file may be accessed from the editor or HERE

The above editor (carnaticeditor6.htm) may show overlaping controls in Mac and Linux. Click HERE for a different interface (carnedit8.htm) or HERE (carnatic7.htm) which open without overlap in Mac or Linux.

For offline use download file and unzip contents in a single folder and launch carnaticeditor6.htm