Sruthi Box and Thamboora

The Sruthi Box and Thamboora programs are accessible from the opening screen of Rasika or Gaayaka-Sishya

Sruthi Box

The program enables you to convert your PC into a sruthi box with sruthis ranging from lower octave of 6 kattai (A) to 8.5 kattai (C# of upper octave). Normally the sa, pa, Sa tones are heard and their relative volumes can be adjusted to suit your taste. For playing or singing in Madhyama Sruthi you can pull down the volume of 'pa' and push up the volume of 'ma'. The total volume can be adjusted from the screen itself. The sruthi box works with the 'Midi' device of the sound card and the tone can vary from PC to PC. By entering different instruments in the 'Instrument' box, the tone that suits you most can be obtained. The numbers of instruments likely to suit sruthi box are given on the screen. There is option to save the current sruthi and instrument chosen

There is also a provision to adjust the sruthi minutely anywhere between two standard sruthi valuues. This is useful for instruments like flute whose basic sruthi cannot be adjusted.


The Thambura is a similar program with the synthetic thamboora sound used throughout the software, but here the drone can be generated continuously. The available range is from lower octave of 6.5 kattai (A#) to 6 kattai (A). For sruthis higher than 6 you can use the corresponding lower octave as the tones are rich in harmonics and will blend well with voices in both octaves.

For a great effect you can play both the sruthi box and thamboora simultaneously and adjust their relative volumes.

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