Novice - Step by Step Guidance for the Beginner

The Novice program helps the beginner who has no prior coaching or exposure to classes in Carnatic Music. It gives step by step instructions on the basics of the system and using Sishya for learning beginner's lessons. A sample screen is given below.

In addition to explaining the different terms required for the beginner, the program also gives audio of 'sa pa Sa' in 1 kattai and 5 kattai in voice, thamboora and sruthi box to enable the student to check his voice.

The program has a menu for opening Sishya and the student can simultaneously see the Sishya screen and try the different instructions mentioned in the Novice program

The page-wise contents of Novice are:

1.Start Here!
2.Check your voice with default Sruthis
3.The Lessons
4.Rhythm or Thaalam
5.First Lesson
6.First Lesson (continued)
7.Sishya Screen
8.Sishya Screen (continued)
9.The Scales for Swaravali. Gamakam.
10. Some Conventions in Notation
11. Alankarams
12. Geethams
13. Geethams (continued)
14. Beyond Geethams

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