Tuning Test program

The 'Tuner' program has now been revised to work with all versions of Windows. It also provides for an optional background Thambura sound to make it easier to tune.

The 'Tuner' program to test tuning ability allows you to choose 5 possible pitches for Aadhara Shadjam (the tonic which is variable in Carnatic Music). You can try to tune one of the 4 notes - Anthara Gaandhaaram (r.f 5/4), Suddha Madhyamam (r.f 4/3), Panchamam (r.f.3/2) and Thaara Shadjam (r.f. 2). (Other notes are not included as many different frequencies are assigned to them). You can then check the accuracy of your tuning by finding out the frequencies of the note that you have tuned and the correct frequency with an estimate of the error. You can also listen to the correctly tuned note and compare.

You can Download Tuner32.zip (about 750Kb) which contains all the 11 files for running the tuning test program

Unzip Tuner32.zip into a new folder. Run the program Tune32.exe by double clicking on the filename in Windows exploer. Read the 'Help' to know more about the program.

If you already have RasikaV2 (ver 2) then you can download Tuner32S.zip which is a much smaller file (20 kb) and does not contain files already in your Rasika folder. If you download this file then you have to unzip the contents (3 files) into the Rasika folder.

In either case if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, run the program as 'Administrator' once by right clicking on the program name in Windows Explorer and choosing "Run as Administrator" and answering 'Yes' to the warning that it is an unknown program.

This is a free program. No warranty is made regarding its functioning. Use at your own risk.

Comments may be posted in the contact page or sent to manianms@yahoo.com

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