Gaayaka - Users' Contributions
(Last updated 19th November, 2004)

In this page I am publishing Gaayaka notation files written by Gaayaka users.

If you have composed some music or set some song to notation you can send it to as an attachment. It will be published in this page for downloading. To download the file right click on the link and from the pop up menu select "Save Target as" or "Save Link as" and save the file in the Rasika folder. If the dialog box shows a file name extension other than .gka, then be sure to change the file extension to .gka and 'Save as type' to 'All files' before saving it.

You can also download all the files as a single .zip file and then extract the individual files.

Download all the files as (11564 bytes)

1. Swarajathi in Bilahari raagam (Rara Venugopala) sent by Mr.Sundar Ramamoorthy (

Download raravenu.gka (1862 bytes).

2. Varnam in Mohana raagam (Ninnu Kori) sent by Mr.S.K.Parthasarathy (

Download ninnuko.gka (5272 bytes).

3. Geetham in Saaveri (Janaka sutha)- Gaayaka notation by Meenakshi Subramanian ( (You guessed it - none other than my better half!). She has put gamakams using only the ready made gamakam notations. This geetham is generally included in the beginner's lessons, but I had omitted it in the lessons given with Gaayaka as I had included 3 geethams in Malahari, but Meenakshi thinks that it is a must.

Download janaka.gka (2753 bytes)

4. Varnam in Aabhogi raagam (Evari Pothana) sent by Mr.S.K.Parthasarathy (

Download abhogi.gka (8852 bytes).

5. Varnam in Vasantha raagam (Ninnu Kori) sent by Mr.M.Kurinji Koman (

Download vasantha.gka (7799 bytes).

6. Krithi Dhevadhevam in Hindholam (Annamacharya composition) sent by Mr.E.S.Panduranga First full fledged krithi from a user and quite well done.

Download devahind.gka (5879 bytes)

7. Krithi Nagumomu in Madhyamaavathi - One of Thyagaraja's uthsavasampradaaya krithis also sent by Mr.E.S.Pandurangan

Download nagumomu.gka (5945 bytes)

8. Krithi Raghuvamsa in Kathanakuthoohalam (Patnam Subramania Iyer's composition) sent by S.K.Parthasarathy

Download raguvams.gka(6236 bytes)

More contributions Welcome. Email as attachment to If your email system does not allow sending files with .gka extension, zip them and send them or send them by changing the extension to .txt

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