Allied Raagams

Distinguishing between closely similar raagams is often a problem for the Rasika. Singing such raagams without introducing the shades of the other raagam requires a good grasp of the raaga bhaavam and the manner in which the typical phrases are held. I propose to offer, in this page notation files which can be played with Gaayaka showing typical phrases or areas which enable to sing as well as identify these raagams clearly

For the Rasika, allied raagams can be broadly divided into three groups.

(a) Melakaratha raagams which have common swarams in some areas and distinguished by use of the correct notes rather than by any special gamakams. (Example: Kalyani, Lathangi, Simhendramadhyamam, Dharmavathi)

(b) Janaka raagams with the same notes (same melam) with differences in aarohanam - avarohanam or vakara phrases but very close in mood. (Example: Hameerkalyaani and Saaranga)

(c) Many older raagams where the aarohanam and avarohanam may be very close and yet strong difference is felt in the mood due the emphasis made on notes and the typical gamakams associated with them. (Aarabhi and Dhevagaandhari)

Distinguishing the raagams in the first 2 groups is fairly easy if attention is given to the notes used. But the third group requires close attention to the manner in which the notes are sung (emphasis or lack of the same on a note, application of gamakam or absence of gamakam on some notes and the nature of gamakams).

I give below 4 files - (1)Aarabhi-Devagaandhari pair (2)Madhyamaavathi-Sree pair (with Brindhaavana Saaranga) (3)Dharbar-Nayaki pair and (4) Saranga-Hameerkalyani pair. The first three belong to group (c) above while the fourth belongs to group (b).

To download the files right click on the links and then chose 'Save Link as' or 'Save Target as' from the pop up menu and save it. You can also left click and from the dialog box choose the option 'Save the file to disk'. If you had associated .gka extension with Gaayaka in your PC then you can also choose the option 'Open the file from the current location' in which case Gaayaka will be run and the file opened ready for play, even while you are on the web.

Download arabidev.gka on Aarbhi and Devagaandhaari.
Download madyasri.gka on Madhyamaavathi, Sree and Brindaavana Saaranga.
Download darbarnk.gka on Dharbaar and Naayaki
Download hamirsrn.gka on Hameerkalyani and Saaranga.

(The allied raagam feature has now been incorporated in Rasikas Ver. 1.3 and the above files and many more are included as part of the package and can be called directly from Raagam module of Rasika. Therefore the future additions on this page would be those not included in Rasika Ver. 1.3 )

Suggestions regarding raagams to be included in this page are welcome. Please email to

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