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The thalameter enables you to generate all the 35 Sooladhi thaalams, the 2 Chaapu thaalams and the modern version of Roopaka thaalam. It also provides a choice of 2 kalai.

A thaalam is defined by its name and its Jaathi.[ See this page which lists the structures.] First select a thaalam from the selection menu. The Jaathi will be automatically changed to the normal ('default') jaathi of that thaalam. The default jaathi is 3 for Thriputa, 5 for Ata, 7 for Jampa and 4 for others. Misra Chaapu (fast version of Thisra jaathi Thriputa), Khanda Chaapu (fast version of Thisra Jaathi Roopakam) and Modern Roopakam (fast version of Chathusra Jaathi Roopakam) have no Jaathi variations. However, if you want thaalams with other than normal jaathis, you can change them after selecting the thaalam. (Some Dheekshithar krithis are in Khanda Jaathi Eka thaalam and one Shyama Shastri's krithi is in Khanda Jaathi Thriputa thaalam.)

2 most popular thaalams are Aadhi and modern Roopakam and for these quick access buttons are available.

Selected thaalam is shown as a rectangle with buttons numbering equal to aksharams. The beats are shown with red border, while waves and counts are shown with black border. Till 'play' is clicked they have white background. When thaalam is played the beats are shown by red background and others with yellow background. The sound for beats are louder and higher in pitch. The 'kriya' is shown by animation on the right side.

As the volume and quality of sounds vary from device to device selection of pitch (for both beat and count/wave) and volume (only for count/wave) is provided. Use the sliders to choose the pitch and volume that suits your devce. The beat sound is to be controlled by the device's volume control. If slider does not work you can enter the number in the boxes next and click on it.

Two kalai is when the beats are very slow and to enable accuracy in time keeping each action is repeated a second time. (Examples are Kamalambam Bhajare and Ethavunara in Kalyani). In this thaalameter two kalai is chosen by clicking the checkbox. The sound will be repeated once for each position with color changing to blue. Two kalai is not available for Chaapus and modern Roopakam. (Slow Roopakam is best sung with classical Roopakam with 6 akshsarams). The animation for 2 kalai (for the present), does not show the repetition of 'kirya'.

The Slider for changing beats speed may not work in some browsers. In that case use the other 2 alternatives. Beats Up will increase the beats by 5 and beats down reduce it by 5.

Thalameter Javascript code by M.Subramanian.
The author has Copyright for this applicaton.
For more on thaalams see Thaalam and subsequent pages. Contact author at manianms at yahoo.com.