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Structures of the thaalams

The table below shows the structures of the 7 thaalams. The number of aksharams in the Laghu is decided by the Jaathi. Each thaalam has a normal ('default') jaathi and when jaathi is not mentioned the normal jaathi is implied. For jaathis other than the normal jaathi of a thaalam the jaathi has to be mentioned.

[Laghu - beat followed by counts to complete number of aksharams of the jaathi]
[Dhrutham - beat and wave = 2 aksharams. Anudhrutham - beat = 1 aksharam]

Thaalam Name Thaalam Structure Normal Jaathi Aksharams for normal Jaathi
Dhruva Laghu, Dhrutham, Laghu, Laghu Chathusra 4+2+4+4 = 14
Matya Laghu, Dhrutham, Laghu Chathusra 4+2+4 = 10
Roopaka Dhrutham, Laghu Chathusra 2+4 = 6
Jampa Laghu, Anudhrutham, Dhrutham Misra7+1+2 = 10
ThriputaLaghu, Dhrutham, Dhrutham Thisra 3+2+2 = 7
Ata Laghu, Laghu, Dhrutham, Dhrutham Khanda 5+5+2+2 = 14
Eka Laghu Chathusra 4

Thus Ata Thaalam without mention of jaathi would mean Khanda Jaathi Ata thaalam; for other jaathis of Ata thaalam we have to mention the jaathi. Aadhi thaalam is actually Chathusra Jaathi Thriputa (Laghu 4, Dhrutham 2, Dhrutham 2 = 8 - not the default for Thriputa). The order in which the thaalams are mentioned above is used historically ( ex- for Alankaarams in beginner' s lessons). The Alankaarams use the default jaathi's and so we do not find Aadhi thaalam in them. Dheekshithar composed the first 7 Navagraha Krithis starting from Sooryamoorthe (on Sun) in these seven thaalams and in that order.

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