Thaalam (Rhythm System) of Carnatic Music

These pages are HTML/Javascript/Webaudio API version of the Thaalam Module of Carnatic Music Software Rasika which works only in Windows Operating system. (These pages however, do not include some of the more advanced topics like 'Nadai/Gathi'). Given as web pages they can be used in a variety of operating systems as long as the browser supports Webaudio API.

The audio should work in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Windows Edge browsers which support Webaudio API. Some audio will not work with Internet Explorer. If your browser does not support Webaudio API you will get a message but the pages can still be seen and only audio will not work.

Thaalam requires accurate time synchronisation which was possible in the Windodws version. Being script driven there may be latency if you use these pages on a smartphone. However, on PC,Laptop and most tablets (including IPad) the audio works OK. In some cases (where recorded .mp3 file is used to illustrate the thaalam) the synchronising may cone after one or two cycles of the thaalam.

Click here to go to the first page of the series. Each page contains links to go to the next or previous page and also a drop down menu 'CONTENTS' from which you can go to any page directly. In the web pages on taking the mouse pointer to a word in brown color, the glossary explanation of the word will pop pup.

The pages are so designed that the animation/audio demos come on the right half of the page while the descriptions occupy the left half. If you are using a tablet it will be more convenient if you hold it in 'landscape' position (with the longer side on top).

Windows software Rasika has many modules. This is a web version of the Thaalam module. The Intoductory and Melam modules are also available (in somewhat revised and extended form) at and linked pages. Part of the Raagam module (43 raagams out of 111 in raagam module) are available as web pages at

Go to the home page of the web site for links to pages to download the free Windows version of Rasika software and also links to pages containing articles, Windows software to insert gamakam automatically in bare notation etc.

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