On selecting the thaalam if the display does not change to the new thaalam click OK above.

   Click for 2 Kalai (except chaapus)

Generate the 7 thaalams used in Alankaarams, modern Roopakam, Khanda Ekam and two Chaapu thaalams.

(Buttons with red border indicate Clap/Beat. White button is a wave if it is only one between 2 red border buttons otherwise white buttons indicate count. In the case of Misra Chaapu the 'kriya' for the first 2 red border buttons is often shown with reverse palm (wave), but beat sounds have been given as otherwise there will be silence for the entire 1.5 aksharam)

2 Kalai is for slow tempo compositions, where each 'kriya' is done twice (ex. Kamalaambaam Bjajare). The second count or clap will appear in blue. It is not valid for Chaapu Thaalams

Will work with Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer Ver 10 and Android Tablets. While trying this online if you find the beats uneven, you can download containing 6 files tal9.htm,mrange2.js, tal1h.mp3,tal2h.mp3,tal3h.mp3,tal4h.mp3. Unzip and save the files in a single folder and you can run tal.htm offline by double clicking on it. (For older Android tablets, open the browser and enter the path - like file://sdcard/mnt....)

Javascript code by M.Subramanian, author of Carnatic Music Software Rasika. In this page the 2 popular Thaalams-Aadhi and Rupakam (fast with 3 aksharams),the 7 thaalams used in Alanakaram exercises, Khanda Ekam (some Deekshithar's krithis are in this Thaalam) and 2 Chaapu Thaalams are included.

Visit http:/ or to download Rasika package (works in Windows all versions). The Thaalam module of Rasika has detailed description of the Thaalam system ands facility to generate all the 35 Sooladi thalamss, Chapu Thalams, different 'Nadais',hand gesture animation etc. The software can be freely downloaded from these web sites.
If your browser supports Windows Audio API (latest Chrome, Firefox and Windows 10 Edge as of March 2017 support), you can use the thalameter.htm accessible at This talameter can generate all the 35 'sooladhi' thaalams, 2 chaapu thaalams, modern Roopkam and also has facility for '2kalai'.