Gaayaka Help File

The Help system in Gaayaka (and Rasika) in Version 1 (upto Ver 1.5) is not a standard one as the software was in 16 bit. There is no provision to print out the Help pages.

This page gives the Gaayaka Help file in Word Format as a zip file for those having Ver 1.5 or earlier. You can download this file and unzip the content and open it in any Word compatible editor. This file was actually created in 602ProPCSuite and opens in MS Word also. Download You can reformat the file and change the page breaks as required and print out the entire file or parts required.

The Help files of Version 2.0 are in the standard .chm format and can be directly printed. You can download a copy of this file to have an idea of the features of Gaayaka . Click here to download Gaayaka (of RasikaV2) help (zipped) file . You can open it by (if ncecessary extracting the chm file) double clicking on gaayaka6.chm in the Explorer.