Synthesis of Carnatic Muisc by Computer and Automatic Gamakam Generation

A lecture demonstration was given by M.Subramanian on "Synthesis of Carnatic Muisc by Computer and Automatic Gamakam Generation" on 17th December, 2012 at the Music Academy, Chennai as part of the December 2012 programs. This web site is a html format of the presentation made at that time along with some of the Audio samples. The slides can be accessed direct from the following links. Alternatively from the first slide 'Title' others can be accessed sequentially. Except for the voice samples, the audio was generated by the Gaayaka program and converted as .mp3 for accessing on the Internet

Music Synthesis
Pitch Graphs - Carnatic and Western Music
Carnatic Music Notation
Requirements of a Carnatic Music Notation Player
Gaayaka Program
Gaayaka Notation
Samples of Gaayaka Music
Gamakam in Gaayaka
General Considerations in Adding Gamakam
Information needed by Computer for Gamakam Generation
Some Pitch Graphs of Gamakams
Contexts for Gamakam
AddGamakam Program
AddGamakam Results
Auto Gamakam Samples
Download and other Links