For Windows Vista and Windows 7 Users

Both Windows Vista and Windows 7 require Administrator rights to install the package. To install as Administrator you have to right click the setup file in Windows Explorer and select 'Run as Administrator' to start the installation. After installation, each program should also be run once as Administrator to avoid getting Registry error. For running a program as Administrator, open Windows Explorer, navigate to the RasikaV2 folder, right click on the program file and click 'Run as Administrator'. The program files in RasikaV2 package are Rasika6.exe, gaayaka6.exe, Gka6Open.exe, Sishya.exe, Srbox.exe, Tamb6.exe, Novice.exe, CdAudio.exe,WaveAudio.exe (the extensions .exe may not be visible in your explorer but the Type will be shown as 'Application'. You can also identify them by the Thambura like icons for all except srbox.exe which has a sruthi box like icon).

After running successfully for months, you may again get 'error in accessing registry' when trying to run any program. This can happen if some other prgram has been installed and it had made changes in the registry. If you face such a contigency, repeat the procedure of running each program as Administrator once.

RasikaV2 has been running in Windows Vista and Windows7 for sometime in many PC's. Though so far no bugs have been reported, in my own tests I have found the following minor problems. Some have been set right in recent distributions as indicated. Kindly follow the instructions below to avoid the problems. The serial numbers after which the problems would not be noticed are also shown. All of them apply for Windows 7 also

A.Thambura program (executable file Tamb6.exe).

With serial numbers RGS202:F50 and earlier the sound does not stop when the 'Stop' button is clicked. It becomes necessary to close the program to stop the sound. However, selecting and playing another sruthi does not require closing the program.

The problem has been set right. The revised executable Tamb6.exe may be downloaded. To use this file take the following steps.

1.Download the file It may get automatically saved in 'Downloads' folder of your PC. If not, save it in a temporary folder.

2.Open Windows Explorer. Navigate to the RasikaV2 folder, locate Tamb6.exe and rename it as Tamb6Prev.exe. (If you do not see the exetension .exe in your PC it does not matter. Just rename the main part of the file name.)

3.Open this zip file/folder downloaded in step 1 and copy the file Tamb6.exe into the RasikaV2 folder. If you had correctly renamed the original Tamb6.exe file you will not get any warning.

4.Now the Tamboora program will work normally.

If you had any problem in downloading the file in Step 2 above, send me an email.

The problem will not be there with serial numbers RGS202:F51 or later.


For serial numbers RGS202:F51 and earlier:

If the User Access Control is ON in your Windows Vista then you should not use the Menu item Edit > SelectLine or press F11. This may throw an error "Permission denied" and close the program and you may loose unsaved work. Clicking middle button of the mouse to select a line will also generate a similar error and close the program. Till a modifed version is made available, use the mouse or shift and cursor keys to select the current line. F12 will however function without problem.

The problem will not be there with serial numbers RGS202:F52 or later.

If the User Access Control is ON you should not use the Menu item Edit >Undo. This may generate "Permission denied" error and close the program leading to loss of unsaved data. CTRL-Z will however work for undoing short changes. If you have serial number RGS202:F61 or earlier do not use the Undo menu. This problem should not be seen in serial numbers RGS202:F62 and later.

If the User Access Control is OFF then you will not face these problem. However, it is generally advisable to keep User Access Control as ON. (User Access Control is reached from the Control Panel > Users Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts > Turn User Account Control On or Off. (last item in the last page)

C. Rasika

For all serial numbers RGS202:F75 and earlier. The problem has been resolved in serial numbers RGS202:F76 and later

Thaalam Module: Last page - " here" - Clicking the link will lead to "Permmission denied" error and termination of the program. In Windows XP and earlier this leads to opening of the Help file which contains a more detailed explanation of the notation system. In Vista you can access the Help file from the Help menu or by pressing F1

Raagam Module: The Krithi List menu opens a window showing the krithis cited in the Raagam module as examples, arranged in alphabetical order. It has been suggested to "press the first letter for quick browsing". Pressing an alphabet letter will generate the "Permission denied" error closing the program. Please navigate using the scroll bar and mouse or PgUp and PgDn keys

These errors may not be encountered if User Access Control is turned OFF.

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