Melam System in Detail (2)

Selecting 2 notes from 4 notes can be done in 6 ways (Mathematically 4C2 = 6). The six possible selections for ri and ga are:

4 positions to choose ri, ga lower
1sa ri ga * *ma
2sa ri * ga *ma
3sa ri * * gama
4sa *ri ga *ma
5sa* ri *gama
6sa * * rigama

Similarly for da and ni 6 selections are possible:

4 positions to choose da, ni Upper
1pa da ni * *Sa
2pa da* ni *Sa
3pa da* * niSa
4pa *da ni *Sa
5pa* da *niSa
6pa * * daniSa

For each selection of ri,ga we can choose six possible da, ni combinations leading to 6 X 6 = 36 possible selections and for each such combination we can choose either the lower ma or higher ma. We thus get 36 X 2 = 72 combinations. Each combination with one selection of ri,ga and possible 6 selections of da,ni is called a 'Chakra' or group or table. The six tables with lower ma get the numbers 1 to 6 and six tables with higher ma get the numbers 7 to 12. The Melams in table 1 get numbers 1 to 6 and so on. From the number we can get the notes used in the Melam. Numbers 1 to 36 have the lower ma and 37 to 72 have the higher ma. Click here for interactive screen to choose notes and get the Melam. In the page 'Finding Notes of a Melam' we have a quick method to get the notes from the number. The next page will show the logic behind it.

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