Add on Thamboora Program for Rasika - Gaayaka
(For Versions 1.3, 1.4 or 1.5)

Rasika has a Sruthi Box module. With Gaayaka you can convert your PC into a Thamboora with thalam beats by playing 'Thambura.gka'. But this may require pushing up the volume of your speakers. There may be barely noticeable gaps in playing.

If you want only the Thamboora with continuous play and normal volume you can download which is a very small file (3269 bytes). Extract the only file 'thambura.exe' from this zip file into the same folder in which Rasika-Gaayaka (Verison 1.3, 1.4 or 1.5) has been installed. (This is important as other files of Rasika are used by this program.) You can then run this program from 'Start' > 'Run', browsing to the Rasika folder and clicking 'thambura.exe'. If you want you can create a short cut on your Desktop.

The range of Sruthis available in the Thambura program is the same as in Gaayaka i.e. lower octave of 7 kattai (B) to 6 kattai (A). In this range 6.5 kattai is missing. Though the Thambura program Menu shows this sruthi, it will be disabled as the required .wav file is not included in Rasika. If you want to add it to your Thambura then download '' which is about 68 kb in size. Extract the srlo6he.wav from this file to the Rasika folder.

With versions 1.3 and 1.4 you may hear no sound when trying to play 1.5 kattai and 4.5 kattai all though the sruthi is heard OK in Gaayaka. There was an error in the header of these 2 files which is ignored by Gaayaka. If you want them to be played with thambura.exe (and also your old Rasika - Gaayaka) then you have to replace 2 files sr1h.wav and sr4h.wav. These can be downloaded as '' file (about 150 kb in size) and the contents extracted into your Rasika folder. Before that do back up your sr1h.wav and sr4h.wav

The program does not have fine adjustment of the sruthi. If you need fine adjustment you have to use Gaayaka and thambura.gka. Please note that Rasika - Gaayaka Version 1.5 basic sruthi frequencies are aligned to the standard keyboard notes while these were slightly different in the earlier versions for some sruthis.

The program is very simple to run. Choose the required sruthi by clicking on the 'Choose Sruthi' menu and click on the sruthi of your choice. Click 'Play'. The default is continuous play which you can disable by unchecking 'continuous play'. Always click 'Stop' before exitting

With this program you can also play any other recorded Thamboora file continuously, It is enough you record the sound for 2 or 3 cycles of Tamboora play. If you record it at 22050 Hz and mono for about 5 seconds the file size would be only 220 KB. See that there are no gaps in the beginning or at the end of the file. The file has to be in .wav format. The mp3 format is not supported which does not matter since the .wav file itself will be quite small. Open the required file using the 'Play other File' menu. Of course the real Thamboora sound is wonderful !

If there is any problem contact giving the serial number of your Rasika which you can find in 'Help' > 'About'