(Indira Nagar Sangitha Sabha, Bangalore, National Symposium - 2006)

The audio files referred to in the above paper may be found at the following links

Some files are in standard RIFF wav or MIDI file format. If your browser does not support plug in for playing .wav or .mid format files, you can save the files by right clicking on the link and saving it to disk. You can then play them with Windows Media Player or other music player.

The fifth audio is in Real Audio format and may be played direct from the browser, if you have installed Real Player in your Computer

1. Audio of the pitch graph shown in Figure 1 (Phrase of Thodi - .wav)
2. Audio of the Fourier graphs shown in Figure 2. (Western Orchestra- .wav)
3. Midi file with gamakam (Atana - .mid)
4(a). Audio of sa, pa ,Sa of a live Veena recording (.wav)
4(b). Audio of sa, pa, Sa of Veena in which pa and Sa have been generated by transposing from sa (.wav)
5. Pallavi of Apparama Bhakthi in Panthuvarali (.wav) written in Gaayaka using Sankarabharnam notes - for illustrating the concept of average frequency conveying the meaning of pitch of a note held with gamakam
6. Sample of Gaayaka synthetic music - Mamava Sada in Kaanada (Real Audio)
7. Three different kampithams on Sankarabharanam Madhyamam ['ga ma pa', 'ga maa pa' and 'pa ga maa'] (.wav)