Download the following 2 zip files by clicking on each one after other. On clicking you will get another screen for downloading. Click on the filename and choose the option "Save the file to disk" in the dialog box that appears. If the "Save as" dialog box does not show the file extension as "zip" add the extension zip before saving the file.

The file sizes are given in the bracket and should be checked before unzipping the files. To unzip the files use any standard unzipping program like Zipcentral, Winzip, Pkzip etc. Extract the files into a single newly created folder (say) Rasinst.

The size of is 989,676 bytes and it contains 56 files

The size of is 1,030,423 bytes and it contains 92 files

After successfully downloading and extracting the files send an email to confirming that you have downloaded the files and that your email inbox can receive attachments. Please also indicate the name of the person in whose name the copy is to be registered. will then be sent to you by email (about 280,000 bytes)as an attachment and the files in this zip file have also to be extracted to the same folder. Instructions regarding installation will be communicated in the same email.