0121012 040 [Geetham in Raagam-Saaveri Thaalam-Roopakam] [Notation is with gamakam to sing notes during the first practice The first comment line contain the notes as memorised and sung by students and the second comment line contains the lyric] [AAROHANAM] saa-rii-maa-paa-daa-Saa-| [AVAROHANAM] Saa-nii-daa-paa-maa-gaa-rii-saa-| ;;;; +((dA>.pA. dA>))-sa- [ da sa] [ ja- na] +(sa ri>)-ma- maa- [ ri ma maa ] [ ka su tha]| +ma - ((ma>> ga<, ma>>)) - [ma ga] [ku cha] +(ma>> ga<, ma>>) -((ga sa) ri)- sa- [gaa ri sa] [ kun -ku- ma]| +(ga, ma>> ga)- [ gaa ] [ pan ] +((ga sa) ri)-((ri sa) ri)- (ma>> ga, ma>>)- [ ri ri gaa] [ ki tha lanj]| +((ga sa) ri)-((ga sa) ri)- [ ja nu ] +sa ((dA pA) dA)-sa.-.- [sa dA saa] [re re]| +(pa da>)-(pa da>) - [da da] [ba li] + pa- ma- pa.-.- [ pa ma paa] [ ha ru re]| +pa- ma- [pa ma] [kha ga ] +((ma>> ga, ma>>))((ga sa) ri)- sa- (sa ri>)- [ ga ri sa ri ] [ va. . ha na ]| +pa\ ma- [pa ma] [kaan ] +((ma>> ga, ma>>)) ((ga\sa) ri)- ri -ma - [ ga ri ri ma] [ chi . pu ra]| +((ma>> ga, ma>>)) -((ga\sa) ri) [ ga ri] [ ni la] +-saa, -,- [ saa ;] [ yaa ]| +sa- (sa ri>)- [sa ri] [ka ri] +saa- (nI<< sa)-dA- [saa nI dA] [ra ksha ka]| +/sa-(sa ri>)- [ sa ri ] [ bhu ja ] +maa- ((ma>> ga, ma>>)) -((ga\sa) ri)- [maa ga ri ] [vik ra ma]| +maa- [maa] [kaa] +pa- (pa da>) - pa- ma- [pa da pa ma ] [mi tha pa la ]| +pa (pa da>) [pa da ] [dhaa ] +paa- pa- pa - [paa pa pa] [ya ka ]| +(sa ri>)-(sa ri>)- [ ri ri] [ ka ri] +ma -ma- paa - [ma ma paa ] [va ra dhaa ]| +(pa da>)\ pa - [da pa] [kal ] +(pa da>)\pa-pa ma- [ da pa pa ma] [ yaa. na.]| +pa- (pa da>)- [pa da ] [pe run] +Saa-(ni<< Sa)-((da pa) da) - [Saa ni da] [dhe vi ma]| +(Sa\ ni<<)((da pa) da) [ ni da] [ no . ] +-pa- (pa da>) -maa- [ pa da maa] [ ha ru re]| +da-pa- [da pa] [ka ri] +pa-ma ((ma>> ga, ma>>))-((ga\sa) ri)- [pa ma ga ri] [gi ri ni .] +ri ma [ri ma] [va .] +4((ma>> ga, ma>>)) -\ri-saa-| [ ga ri saa] [ . su re]