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Welcome Carnatic Music Rasikas. Latest version (Ver. 1.4)of the Carnatic Music Software package containing Rasika and Gaayaka programs was released in December, 2001. Find out What is New in this version .

Is it possible to produce synthetic carnatic music on the computer with all the nuances (gamakams) required? If you have any doubts listen to short samples of Varali (63 kb) and Kaanada (38 kb) - (you need Real Audio). Rasika takes you on a tour of carnatic music system with text, visuals and audio. It is like a text book on Carnatic Music with audio visuals. The raga explanations and the audio samples in the program put adequate stress on the Gamakam. Gaayaka enables you to enter 'sa ri ga ma' notation and play it in Flute or Veena - useful for practicing carnatic music lessons (lessons upto geethams and sample krithis, varnams etc. are supplied with the software). You can enter and play even lessons not supplied with the program. The notation system has been extended to enable introduction of smooth gamakams. Gaayaka can be an aid for setting songs to notation, making it easy to check the durations and the tune. For full details of Rasika and Gaayaka click on the links on the left or above.

The software has been developed by a musician - programmer!

Why so much stress on Gamakam? Just listen to some notation played plain without gamakam - as it is written. This does not sound as Carnatic Music at all! Listen to the same music with gamakam - how it should really sound. That is why Rasika and Gaayaka put lot of emphasis on Gamakam.

Other links on the left give you free downloads of some notation files which can be played with Gaayaka, files explaining similarities and differences of some allied raga pairs with text, notation and sound in the form of Gaayaka notation files and a program for testing your tuning ability, links to some Carnatic Music sites and of course about me!.

Contact the author M.Subramanian at   msmanian@eth.net

Attention Users : If you are a user of Gaayaka and composed some new music or written notation for some song in Gaayaka format send them as attachment by email to msmanian@eth.net. They will be published in this site "Your contributions" link with your name and email address.

How to get Rasika and Gaayaka

The licence fee for Rasika-Gaayaka is US$39. To get the software write a check for US$42 (which includes $3 for handling and postage) in the name of M.Subramanian, cross it "Account Payee" and send it to M.Subramanian, Plot 339 (Door No. 26), First Main Road, Natesa Nagar, Virugambakkam, Chennai - 600092, India. I will be on the move for some time from the 18th May, 2002. Please therefore, send an email before sending the check to confirm the address. If you are UK you can send an equivalent pound sterling check at current exchange rate. For other countries you can send a US Dollar Bank Draft or Rupee Draft on any Bank at Chennai for the same amount. If you are in India email msmanian@eth.net for the licnece fee and remittance instructions.

If you had already purchased the MS-DOS software CMRasika or CMSishya you get a discount on the new Windows - Sound card version. Please email msmanian@eth.net for details.

You will get the software in 2 floppies along with instructions for installation and brief instructions for running the software. Complete instructions are available on line as Help. The software has to be installed in your hard disk and will occupy about 8 or 9 mb and can be run from there quickly. If you are able create a folder in your hard disk and to unzip files you can also get the software by downloading most of the files from the web site and getting rest of the files by email. This is a faster procedure and will save you $3

System requirements - IBM PC compatible with 486-DX 2 (66 Mhz) processor (preferably a Pentium or Celeron) with a Windows compatible sound card and Windows2000, Windows 95/98/Me or Windows 3.1

For any questions email msmanian@eth.net or call India (044)4871513. If you are in North America you can also contact S.Ramanathan at 978 318 9744 for information.

(Trade Marks acknowledged)

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