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Gaayaka Help File of Ver 1.5
Version 2.0 is now Ready - Read Ahead
Welcome Carnatic Music Rasikas!

A major upgrade of Rasika-Gaayaka Software for Carnatic Music (Classical Music of South India) - Rasika Version 2.0 is now ready. This is a 32 bit version and focuses on user friendly tools both for the beginner and for the more advanced student. The popular Rasika and Gaayaka programs are there with some additional facilities. But the major enhancement is the addition of 4 programs - Sishya (with an excellent interface for the learner), Novice (step by step instructions for the beginner), Student's wav/mp3 player (for learning songs available in wav or mp3 format in your PC with a great interface), Student's CD Player (for learning songs from a CD with a similar interface). Being 32 bit versions, longer file and folder names are now possible. The help files are also in standard format making it easy to print and search. To know more about the new features of the package see 'What is New' in this version.

Rasika takes you on a tour of carnatic music system with text, visuals and audio. It is like a text book on Carnatic Music with audio visuals in tones of Veena or Flute. The raga explanations and the audio samples in the program put adequate stress on the Gamakam (nuances or smooth movements between and around notes). Gaayaka enables you to enter 'sa ri ga ma' notation and play it in Flute or Veena - useful for practicing carnatic music lessons (lessons up to geethams and sample krithis, varnams etc. are supplied with the software). You can enter and play even lessons not supplied with the program. The notation system has been extended to enable introduction of smooth gamakams. Gaayaka can be an aid for experimenting, understanding the nuances and setting songs to notation, making it easy to check the durations and the tune. For full details of Rasika and Gaayaka click on the links on the left or above.

Sishya gives you lessons in a user friendly format with pictures showing the thaalam gestures synchronised with the music and as in Gaayaka there is facility to change sruthi, tempo, selectively playing a part, looping etc. Novice is for the very new comer and takes him step by step through the elementary concepts and using Sishya. The 2 Student's music players give a high resolution 'time line' for choosing any part of the music, enable marking blocks for playing (if need be also looping), naming and saving the blocks etc.

In addition to the Sruthi Box there is also a Thamboora program to convert your PC into a sruthi box or thamboora (try both simultaneously and see the effect!)

The software has been developed by a musician - programmer!

It is easy to write programs to generate plain (straight) notes but Carnatic Music can never be portrayed fully without the nuances (Gamakams - smooth movements between and around notes). Here are some sample clips of music generated by the software. Listen to Pallavi of Mamavasadaa in Kaanada and pallavi of Enthanerchina in Suddha Dhanyasi . These have been put in mp3 format only for the web site. The music in the software is directly generated and does not require any other program.

Why so much stress on Gamakam? Just listen to some notation played plain without gamakam - as it is written. This does not sound like Carnatic Music at all! Listen to the same music with gamakam - how it should really sound. That is why Rasika and Gaayaka put lot of emphasis on Gamakam.

Other links on the left give you free downloads of some notation files (including those written by users) which can be played with Gaayaka, and a program for testing your tuning ability. There are 2 pages explaining the Carnatic music notation system and the Gaayaka file format. The Miscellanous group has a page on problems of creating midi files for Carnatic music (with some sample midi files with gamakam) a page of links to some Carnatic Music sites and of course a page about me!.

Contact the author M.Subramanian at or

Attention Users : If you are a user of Gaayaka and composed some new music or written notation for some song in Gaayaka format send them as attachment by email to either of the above addresses. They will be published in the "Users' contributions" link with your name and email address.

How to get Rasika - Gaayaka

The licence fee for Rasika-Gaayaka is US$44/- As an inaugural offer the old fee of US$ 39/- (which was the licence fee for the previous versions) will be charged for 6 months (till Feb. 2008). If you want to send the fee as a cheque payable outside India you may have to add $4. The software is normally supplied 'on line' either by sending a single installation file as email attachment (about 4 mb) or by enabling you to download the main installation file and getting an activation file (about 400 kb) as email attachment. Complete instructions for installation will be sent by email.

The Licence fee for supply within India is Rs. 1600/- with an inaugural discount of Rs 200/- for six months. Please send an email to either of the addresses above (or call India (044)24420412) for the current licence fee.

Full instructions for using the software are available as Help with each program. The software has to be installed in your hard disk and will occupy about 12 or 14 mb

System requirements - IBM PC Pentium II or higher with a Windows compatible sound card and Windows2000, Windows 95/98/Me/ or WindowsXP. The software does not work properly with Windows NT. There is no Linux or Mac version

If you are a licenced user of ver 1.5 with serial number starting with R62: or R63: (purchased after March, 2006) you get Version 2 free. If you are interested please send an email to quoting the serial number of your copy. You can find the serial number in the 'Help->About' Menu of Rasika or Gaayaka. For others who have purchased licence for any older version the licence fee for Version 2 will be US$ 29/- (plus $4/- if remittance is sent as cheque) or Rs. 980/- in India.

For any questions email or or call India (044)24420412.

If you are in North America you can also contact S.Ramanathan at 978 692 5650 for information.

My postal address is L-303, ATRIUM, 22, Kalakshethra Road, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai 600041, India

(Trade Marks acknowledged)

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