Bug in Gaayaka opening screen music.

There is a minor bug in Gaayaka copies with Serial number starting with R50: or R51: If the start mode settings in the Option menu require the opening screen to be shown, the notes 'sa ri ga..' of Maayamalavagowla are played. The pitches of these notes are not correct in copies with sl no.s starting with R50: or R51: and out of tune with the background Thambura. (You can find out the serial number by clicking the Help menu and clicking 'About'). You can download the bugfree gaayaka5.exe file here. Some other bugs that you may have never noticed are also fixed in this file

To download the zip file containing revised gaayaka5.exe , right click on the link below and 'save to disk' the file gka5.zip.

Download gka5.zip (62709 bytes)

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder in which Rasika - Gaayaka has been installed. Look for the file gaayaka5.exe (If file extensions are hidden in your Explorer look for file 'gaayaka5' and type 'application') and rename it as (say) 'oldgka.exe'

The zip file contains the new gaayaka5.exe (file size 158069 bytes). Extract this file to the Rasika-Gaayaka folder and check that the program runs correctly. If due to some chance the zip file or the contents had got corrupted, you can delete the new file and rename the 'oldgka.exe' file as gaayaka5.exe.

Please report any problems to manianms@eth.net